Finding Farideh (2018)

Rated N/R, Documentary, 88 Minutes

"Finding Farideh" is about an Iranian girl named Farideh, who has been adopted by a Dutch couple 40 years ago, and now overcomes her fears and travels to her motherland Iran for the first time to meet three families who claim to be her real family and have a DNA test with them, and to find out about her Iranian Identity and culture...

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  • 01/16/2020
  • Lobero
  • 4:30 pm - 5:58 pm
  • 01/17/2020
  • Fiesta 3
  • 4:00 pm - 5:28 pm
  • 01/18/2020
  • Metro 1
  • 8:00 am - 9:28 am
Reviewed on January 12, 2020 by Jon Kaye


4.0 out of 10 - Not my movie. Woman tortures families in Iran in that they MIGHT be her family by visiting them in person instead of simply doing a DNA test while staying in the Netherlands. More like a one hour reality show than a movie. (Jon)
8.5 - Beautifully done documentary: to the point and a great story. (Meryl)
8.0 - Interesting look at families in Iran. (Sandy)
7.9 - Well done, emotional movie. (Laurie M.)
7.0 - Sweet look at family and belonging. Fascinating look at Iranian society, but test DNA first. (Carol N., Carol S., Donnis, Kathy W.)
5.0 - Too Long. (Carla L.)

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