Easy Living (2019)

N/R, Comedy, Drama, 93 Minutes

Brando is a fourteen-year-old city boy living in a rambling, disjointed family. He gets sent to spend his holidays with his stepsister, Camilla, a university student who makes a living smuggling medicine, alcohol, and cigarettes across the French-Italian border in the small seaside town of Ventimiglia. Soon Brando ends up assisting Camilla in her sketchy job, more and more fascinated by the decadent border town dynamics and its strange inhabitants. Among them is Don, an American wannabe painter who spends his days teaching tennis and entertaining wealthy women. One day, their lives cross with Elvis, an illegal migrant stuck in Ventimiglia, who hopes to cross the border to reconnect with his pregnant wife in Paris. Out of need, curiosity, or loneliness, the four establish an odd friendship.

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  • 01/20/2020
  • Lobero
  • 4:30 pm - 6:03 pm
  • 01/21/2020
  • Metro 3
  • 2:40 pm - 4:13 pm
  • 01/22/2020
  • Metro 3
  • 8:20 am - 9:53 am
Reviewed on January 12, 2020 by Jon Kaye


7.5 out of 10 - Entertaining, sweet, light-weight. (Jon, Sandy, Susan J.)
7.3 - Fun, light story with heart. (Laurie M.)

Craft 76%
Artistry 74%
What I Liked
What I Didn’t